i’m so fucking proud of the sasusaku tag right now

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sakura’s confession(s) in various languages, composed into one single post. :)

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sudden realization that rin matsuoka would get his head chopped off on sight in the spn universe

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holy shit people are translating sakura’s confession into lots of different languages and acting it out this fandom rocks

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"Happy Birthday Robbie!! xoxo Big Daddy Winchester" 

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Thinking about how Rin will handle post-race interviews like (Rinharu Version because I can):

Interviewer: And for my final question, if you had to name one swimmer that inspired you while you were growing up, who would that be?

Rin: U-uh, well... (Looks over at Haruka who is avoiding eye contact.)

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another quick translation cuz i cant resist harurin (again, rough, like i’m still studying japanese and this was a long answer, but i think it gets the gist of it):

Q: “Since Haruka went with Rin to Australia, it suprised me when he ended up in Tokyo instead.”

A: “Did it really? Although Rin said “I feel troubled when you’re not ahead of me”, what he meant was not “I want to swim with you every single day” but rather that he wants to continue moving forward with his swimming alongside Haru, though they maybe in seperate parts of the world, they wish to enter the same stage of competitive swimming together. Rin in Australia, Haruka in Tokyo, even if they’re in completely different locations, since they walk the path of swimming team members, sooner or later these two will necessarily stand on the same stage and be able to swim together. This is what the final scene of Haruka and Rin at a world tournament represents.”

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Actually I think all the families are there:

The Tachibanas of course we recognise.

The Nanases next to them.

Nagisa’s parents and sister(s?) to the top left.

The Ryugazaki parents at the bottom right.

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